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Loren Joseph Levesque,



Joe Levesque, Owner and President of JAL, founded JAL Construction Inc., in 1971. At its inception JAL focused on building quality Forest Service and BLM logging roads, and later branched out into county and state road projects. When the logging industry nearly collapsed due to environmental pressures and restrictions, Joe redirected JALs operations and started to focus on larger state and federal highway and bridge projects. Since its beginning, JAL has grown steadily from essentially a one-man operation to what it is today; a company employing numerous people in a variety of trades from all over the Northwest. Under Joes guidance and expertise, JAL annually manages profitably a number of multi million dollar highway / bridge projects as well as many smaller local projects under a million dollars. Through Joes leadership and skill, JAL continues to be successful in an ever changing economy and has never lost site of his primary objective; building quality roads and bridges. Joes continued contribution to JALs day to day operations ensures that JAL Construction will be successful in the future.


Joseph William (JW) Levesque,

Operations Manager


Joseph (JW) Levesque, Owner/Treasurer and Operations Manager of JAL Construction Inc., has over 20 years of progressive management experience in the highway / bridge construction industry and a B. S. in Civil Engineering/ Construction Management, from Oregon Institute of Technology. JWs hard driving no nonsense approach to construction management produces profitable results in each and every project under his supervision. JWs broad construction knowledge and skill enables him to foresee problems and develop solutions in a timely, cost effective manner ensuring that projects stay on schedule and remain profitable regardless of adverse conditions. His dedication to building high quality roads and bridges is backed by his result oriented style of management leading to the overall success of JAL. As part of managing JALs construction operations, JW oversees the purchase of new capital equipment, allocation of personnel and equipment, coordination and scheduling of projects and review of all incoming project bids and future work.



Josh Gobershock,

Estimator / Project Manager


Josh Gobershock is JALs resident expert in concrete materials and building bridges. Josh has 15 years of experience working with concrete and concrete bridge structures, with the past 8 years as a Project Manager. Josh has a B.S. Degree in Construction Engineering Management from Oregon State University and has worked in both the public as well as the private sector. Josh has been involved with projects ranging from bridge building, flood restoration to digital terrain modeling. Josh is quite adept at devising and implementing time saving and cost reducing plans which have benefited both JAL and our clients. Josh is equally dedicated to building quality bridges/concrete structures, and maintains a hands on approach when dealing with his crews and as well as the client. Josh is also quite knowledgeable with regard to heavy equipment and tractor/trailer rigs and acts as JALs dispatch manager assisting in the mobilization and maintenance of JALs extensive list of heavy equipment and trucks.

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