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Recent Highlighted Projects

The Hares Canyon project was a $2.5 million contract with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The scope of work included full first phase development for the nearly half mile long entrance road to a new state park. The work began with clearing 5 acres of heavily vegetated land and construction of roadway which included both cuts and fills in excess of 20. Concurrent work included the construction of two new bridges: a 100 prestressed concrete girder bridge and a 200 welded steel plate girder bridge, both with cast in place decks and decorative railings.


In addition to the new road and bridge construction, extensive drainage facilities were installed as well. These included numerous culverts, catch basins, water quality swales, and water quality/quantity ponds that utilized flow control structures and dispersion trenches. Because of the large area of land disturbed in this typically wet climate, it was very important to maintain temporary erosion facilities until the permanent erosion control measures and revegetation was in place.


Significant changes and resulting change orders to the project were a product of having to perform a substantial amount of subexcavation and removal of unsuitable materials as well as furnishing additional site stabilization work.

The Oneonta Gorge Tunnel is located on the Historic Columbia River Highway just east of Multnomah Falls. In the fall of 2008, JAL Construction had the privilege to perform a historic restoration of this beautiful tunnel under contract with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Hares Canyon State Park: Entrance Road & Two Bridges

Oneonta Gorge Tunnel Rehabilitation

Project List

The Ayers Creek Bridge Replacement project involved constructing a temporary detour to replace an existing bridge with a new pile founded precast concrete bridge as well as intensive stream restoration work.

Ayers Creek Bridge Replacement

The $3.9m Minam project includes a tall rock cut and over 100,000cy of excavation to realign this section of OR82 in NE Oregon.

OR82: Minam Viaduct & Wallowa R. Project